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NOSTRESS - Individualized stress reduction through multimodal VR environments

The aim of the NOSTRESS project is to develop a combination of different technologies, which in particular promotes the relaxation technique "imagination" in everyday life. For this purpose, mobile, multimodal VR technologies are combined with automated, harmonious sound generation in immersive 3D sound and a massage technique synchronized with the virtual environment. A self-developed sensor technology that is close to the body makes it possible to record physiologically measurable stress indicators (pulse, respiration, skin conductance, blood pressure) and to adapt the training individually. The benefits of individual components as well as the effectiveness of the overall system will be validated in two studies.

In the project, VR technology, smart wearables and empathic computing are linked and applied in a practical way. The overall system provides the user with a tool with which stress management can be learned individually by everyone. During the development, attention is paid to a balanced cost-benefit ratio of the end product, so that the technology can be widely used later.

Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).  MTDML is involved with a sub-contract via the consortium partner TRO Music Services, 2018-2021.

Principal investigator at MTDML: Prof. Dr. Michael Oehler, Osnabrück University

Project team: Frederik Rößler, Benedict Saurbier