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Andreas Schönwitz

Osnabrück University
Neuer Graben/Schloss
Tel.: +49-541-969-4147

Teaching Project HörWissen

How do historical events sound beyond writing and book dust? Can peace be heard? How can the sonification of the past be realized and dramaturgically arranged? The interdisciplinary project HörWissen brings together students and teachers of German studies, history and musicology within the framework of the LehrZeit programme funded by the University of Osnabrück. A radio play seminar was conceived and carried out jointly. The interdisciplinary and practice-oriented teaching format enables students to get to know future professional fields (media/radio, science communication, dramaturgy etc.) at an early stage and to apply their knowledge in a transdisciplinary, practical and project-oriented way.

The project seminar is dedicated to the early modern period, specifically the Peace of Westphalia. Stories will be generated from various historical sources - text, images, music - arranged dramaturgically and staged in radio play format with voices, noises and sounds. In doing so, knowledge is not only to be experienced cognitively, emotively and acoustically through various senses, but the participants critically examine the way in which knowledge is generated and constructed through the conscious arrangement of text, sound and acoustics. HörWissen benefits from the core competencies of the three participating disciplines - the historical-critical handling of sources (research), the literary-dramaturgical preparation (staging) and the aesthetic-technical modulation (sonification). During the active design of the project, the students get to know the processes, forms of organization and working methods of cooperative project and team work directly and acquire technical know-how in the recording studio. The MTDML was the location of the recording studio phase.