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Philip Schwarzbauer

Osnabrück University
Neuer Graben/Schloss
Room 11/336
Tel.: +49-541-969-4025

Musical Interfaces (2020-2021)

The importance of computer science is constantly increasing both for everyday life and for many scientific disciplines. In this context, there is a need to introduce students of rather non-technical programs of study to the principles of operation and the connections between digital systems. To achieve this, an interdisciplinary project group - consisting of musicologists and computer scientists - designed and conducted a course on the use of digital technologies for music practic, funded within the LehrZeit programme.The course was realised in cooperation with the Institute for Computer Science.

In the actual teaching project, both musicology and computer science students worked together to develop individual concepts for new musical interfaces and put them into practice. This interdisciplinary and free working format also represents a new and modern approach to university teaching in didactic terms. By working in mixed teams, individual competencies could be brought in to implement novel sound generation concepts using diverse technological solutions. The contribution of own ideas was foreseen, as well as the possibility to market the products and possibly raise funds through crowdfunding.

In addition to the lecturer Philip Schwarzbauer, four research assistants were instrumental in the implementation of the project and the course: David Dücker, Cedric Kreye, Benedict Saurbier and Jiska Schmidt.


Realised Interface Projects

The following music interface projects were realised within the course by teams of both music and computer science students. Since some of the projects may be marketed, they will not be publicly documented until the outcome of a crowdfunding.

Fibonacci's Personal Groovebox

What does it sound like when music is created by parameters of the Fibonacci series?

Trombone Simulator

Allows amateurs to play a trombone including slide movement and register tones.

ColorNote App

Trains melody and keyboard playing through synesthetic color-sound parallels.

The Sound App

Intuitive sound generation through gestures on a smartphone or tablet.

Material from the course

Considering the goal of the project to conduct the seminar several times, you will find working and documentation material here, partly in German language.

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