Music Technology and Digital Musicology Lab (MTDML)

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Tray Minh Voong

Osnabrück University
Neuer Graben/Schloss
Room 11/320
Tel.: +49-541-969-4147

Teaching project OBM - Object-based music production

While music productions usually work with channel strips to arrange musical instruments, newer concepts go the way with sound objects that can be freely distributed in space. Especially in virtual reality, this approach makes working more intuitive. Since the conversion of channel strips into sound objects is a complex procedure, various applications have been established that enable music to be made directly in sound objects.


The aim of the seminar is to create a music production in VR using the concept of sound objects. The beginning of the seminar itself follows the history of music productions: how to record and produce music in a previously conventional context. In addition, by introducing special plugins for existing DAWs and musik making environments like Max/MSP, it is shown how music productions can be based on soundobjects without usage of VR System. In parallel, the students get to know the virtual space. With the help of VR glasses, the working method and navigation in virtual reality is introduced. Different applications for making music and composing in VR are tested and discussed in their feasibility. By working in teams, the individual workload and the danger of motion sickness by extended VR sessions is reduced.