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NEW: emoTouch Web

emoTouch Web turns any modern smartphone or tablet with the operating systems iOS or Android into a versatile scientific research tool that can be used to rate music, videos or live events in 'real time'.

emoTouch Web enhances the concept of the predecessor app emoTouch for iPad substantially, me- thodically, and technologically as it builds on a device-independent web-based interface and data storage. This, for the first time, allows the implementation of the BYOD concept (Bring Your Own Device) in a music-psychological research tool, so that subjects, e.g. listeners in a live concert, can use their own smartphone or tablet in the research setting.

The overall concept of emoTouch Web consists of three components:

  1. An interface that can be used on all current smartphones or tablets, on which subjects can continuously evaluate media played on the device (music, videos) or musical live situations on the touchscreen according to freely configurable, real-time criteria.
  2. Coordinated analysis tools for desktop computers that can merge, analyze and visualize the real-time data collected by the mobile devices.
  3. A real-time feedback system, which summarizes the assessments of several subjects and can visualize them in different ways e.g. for the performers on stage

Although emoTouch Web was stimulated by the needs of research on musical emotions and and audience research, it is designed for flexibility and free configurability of the subject interface, the instructions, program flow and data logging and is not limited to specific research questions. This extends the fields of application beyond music-related questions to other time-bound arts, such as theatre, dance or film, but also e.g. for use in other process-related, time-bound situations, such as assessment and feedback systems in class or lectures, or in the exploration of political communication.

The development of emoTouch Web is funded by the program 'Kultur- und Geisteswissenschaften digital' of the Volkswagen Foundation.

The project will run for three years from 2020 to 2022 and is supported by Carolin Scholle and Fabian Gehrs.

emoTouch und emoTouch Web are developments of the chair for systematic musicology of the University of Osnabrück (Prof. Dr. Christoph Louven) and are available for scientific purposes free of charge.


If you want to stay up to date to the development of emoTouch Web and be informed about new program versions and functions, please subscribe to our newsletter. Remember to click on the confirmation link in the mail we send to the adress you submit in the form to complete your subscription.

emoTouch for iPad

The predecessor app emoTouch for Apple iPad is available for free again from March 2020 in Apple's iOS AppStore.

emoTouch Features

In an emoTouch session the participant can continuously mark his reactions to music or video played by the device or a live performance in one or two dimensions. As an example emoTouch can be applied for recording emotional self-report using the two-dimensional emotion space with its dimensions valence (negative – positive) and arousal (active – passive). For the first time, emoTouch provides a tool where the participant may intuitively touch the emotion space itself.

A lot of implemented features and options enable emoTouch to work as a suitable tool for numerous research topics:

  • user feedback options: a smiley or custom image to mark the position and a „worm“, visualizing the just performed movement
  • mark special events (e.g. musical chills) with a special gesture
  • music and video selection from the device's media library
  • silent mode for rating live performances
  • configurable coordinate system with user-defined labels
  • limit the dimension to x- or y-axis only. In this mode emoTouch may work as a one-dimensional slider.
  • free choice of background images to adjust the design and scaling to your question, also as a (partial) overlay on the video
  • sampling frequencies up to 30 samples per second
  • replay mode for displaying recorded data in realtime, also several sessions/participants at the same time and optional visualization of mean and standard deviation
  • data export to a configurable text file that can be used with all standard statistic programs

emoTouch is only available in English, but provides options to change all the text that participants in a study will see, so any language can be used. emoTouch is a developement of the chair of systematic musicology of the University of Osnabrück (Prof. Dr. Christoph Louven, Carolin Scholle).


Version history of emoTouch for iPad

Version 3.2 (published 06.03.2020)
  • emoTouch is available again.
  • iPadOS 13 Support
Version 3.1 (published 16.9.2015)
  • The new Data Manager enables the user to export or delete the data collected in single sessions.
  • improved export format with single files fot each session
  • bug fixes
Version 3.0 (published 12.5.2015)
  • video mode: A video from the iPad’s media library can be played behind the coordinate system.
  • The video can be overlaid with an image to show a custom rating scale.
  • beta-function: replay mode with video
  • show a webpage at the end of each session, e. g. for an additional questionnaire or a “thank you” window
  • offset for one-dimensional data recording so the axis can be at user-defined height
  • username is saved with an additional time stamp 
Version 2.1.1 (published 13.10.14)
  • Data saving bug fixed.Data saving bug fixed.
Version 2.1 (published am 28.8.2014)
  •  The smiley is now substitutable with custom images for normal and chill status.
  • The smiley and worm color in the record session is adjustable.New chill visualisationSmiley faces can also be shown in the replay sessions.
  • The session screen automatically adapts for horizontal, vertical or two dimensional mode.
  • Major improvements in the record and replay mode
  • Bug fixes 
Version 2.0 (published 05.12.2013)

IMPORTANT: If the data recorded with the previous version are still needed, they have to be exported before the update!

  • iOS 7 support and Icon fitted for the new design
  • significant improvement of the programme structure and usability for the researcher as well as the proband
  • new designed main menu with more clearly laid out structure
  • The main menu is now invisible for subjects. This prevents unintended changes by the the subjects and makes the use of the software easier for them.
  • Changes in the options are displayed on the main screen right away.
  • new silent mode playing no music from the device. This mode can be used for investigating a live performance.
  • new Slider in the replay mode: The music and recorded sessions can now be paused, scrolled in time and restarted.
  • improved colours in the replay mode
  • correct presentation of chills in the replay mode
  • numerous bug fixes 
Version 1.0.1 (published 02.07.2013)

Version 1.0.1. is the same that we showed on the 3rd International Conference on Music & Emotion (ICME3)in Jyväskylä/Finnland (June 11–15 2013).

  • dramatically improved replay worm that now shows average and standard deviation

  • added gesture (double tap) to mark beginning and end of a chill experience
  • improved data export bugfixes
Version 1.0 (published 04.06.2013)

If you download the images to the iPad’s media library, you can select them in emoTouch as background or user feedback images. Just go to the Menu —> Options —> Session Screen.

Contact: clouven@uni-osnabrueck.de